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Are You Looking to Take Your Skills To the Next Level?

Soccer Training

"Getting You to Your Next Level"

Are you frustrated about your kids development as a soccer player?


Have you tried a personal soccer coach and it wasn't the right fit?

Are you tired of your kid not progressing as a player?

Are you looking for position specific training?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, keep reading. I have the solution for you!

Hi, my name is Evan Flowers and I have been training and developing soccer players for years! I have worked with hundreds of players who have had the same problems, and more, as mentioned above.

After helping hundreds of kids develop into better players, I know I can help you too!


There are a couple reasons you are likely not getting the results you want:

1. You can not find a personal soccer coach.

2. Your personal soccer coach is not a "coach", but a trainer.

It is the sad truth that they're just are not that many great personal soccer coaches out there. At Flowers Soccer Academy, we believe that every player should have their own coach. Every one!

I have seen several trainers who just put cones in a line and have kids dribble through them and shoot a soccer ball. This isnt realistic to a game!


As a personal soccer coach, I believe the most important thing is that kids are getting additional practice, so I am truly thankful for these trainers. But at Flowers Soccer Academy each session will consist of game realistic drills that will translate much better into a match and thus produce better results on the field! It isnt uncommon for a new player to see results in as little as one training session!


Flowers Soccer Academy is more than just training! Listed below are just some of the GREAT perks:

  1. A proven and effective personal soccer coach who can help you improve faster as a player

  2. Game Analysis

  3. Position specific training

  4. Opportunities to train with other great players

  5. Training at elite facilities with the best gear

  6. Discounted gear

  7. Soccer specific progress reports to see how you are developing

And so much more!


“Coach Evan is great! Very knowledgeable and my daughter has really enjoyed her time with him and learned a lot.” - Meghan

“Coach Evan is an excellent coach! My grandson, 15, is eager to continue with more sessions because he saw results immediately… coach Evan explained techniques thoroughly, observed analytically, and redirected appropriately. Additionally, he worked to get to know my grandson and establish a report to make him feel at ease. He is very approachable.” -John

“Coach Evan's sessions have been excellent. They have given my son a good workout and he takes the time to correct and instruct on the finer points of goalkeeping.”- Scott

“My son really, really, really enjoys training with [Evan]. There isn't anything like it." - Jose

“Thank you Evan for showing me what I know now. Thank you for making me a better player!" - Al


Are you looking for your kid to become the best player they can be? It wasn't until I got a personal soccer coach that I started to really improve my game and get elite confidence. If you want to take the first step to your player being the best they can be go ahead and sign up for your free intro session!

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